Reference variables


Like other variables, reference variables must be declared before they can be used:

ref   refVarName  

You can use a reference variable anywhere you could use an object reference. Uninitialized reference variables hold a value of 0, and will cause a script to silently stop running if used to call a reference function; otherwise a reference variable acts just like any other reference.

You set reference variables using the set command, like other variables. Normally, you will want to use a reference variable function, which returns a formID. For example:

set myRef to GetContainer  

Like other variables, you can set a reference variable on another scripted object:

 set BobRef.myRef to GetSelf   

To check if a ref variable is unset:

if myReferenceVariable == 0

To check if a ref variable is set:

if myReferenceVariable

To check if a ref variable is another reference (in this example the player):

if myReferenceVariable == player

Or not another reference:

if myReferenceVariable != player
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