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A function included in the GECK version


Adds Count items of object ObjectID to the calling container's inventory. It has two required parameters (the object to add and the quantity) and one optional parameter (whether to display a message on screen).


ActorID|ContainerID.AddItem ObjectID:ref Count:int HideMessageFlag:int


buddyref.additem Stimpack 11

Adds 11 stimpacks to Buddy's inventory

player.additem SuperStimpak 10

Adds 10 super stimpacks to the player's inventory and the message displays like normal

player.additem SuperStimpak 10 1

Adds 10 super stimpacks to the player's inventory and no message is displayed


  • You can use a FormList as the item parameter - in this case, the function adds the count for each item in the list.


  • Calling AddItem in an Effect Script or in an OnEquip block in an Object Script will cause the target actor's weapon to toggle between being visible and usable and being invisible and unusable. The cause of this bug is unknown, but as a workaround, use something like this in the script of the item that is being added:
    ref rContainer
    Begin OnAdd
    	set rContainer to GetContainer
    	rContainer.AddItem Pencil01 1 1
    	rContainer.RemoveItem Pencil01 1 1
  • Executing AddItem function on NPCs will cause them to review their inventory and equip the best armor and weapon they have. If NPC already has an armor with Object Effects equipped adding an item will make them reequip it, not really unequipping it first. As a result Object Effects of the armor will stack after each use of the AddItem function. Unequipping the armor will revert everything back to normal removing all stacked Object Effects.

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