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   |Name = EffectID
   |Name = EffectID
  |Type = ref
  |example = AddSpell StealthBoyInvisibilitySpell
  |example = AddSpell StealthBoyInvisibilitySpell

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Link to TES4 Construction Set Wiki: AddSpell.

A function included in the GECK version


Adds the actor effect to the calling actor, which will instantly be applied. The only types of actor effects used in the Vanilla Game are addictions and abilities.


[ActorRefID].AddSpell EffectID:ref


AddSpell StealthBoyInvisibilitySpell


  • Be careful when using this function on non-unique actors. Adding an actor effect to an actor adds it to the base object, so any references that are later spawned from that base object will also have the effect.
  • Like most functions, this one is a little different when used as a console command. When used as a console command the EffectID must be specified as a FormID.

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