Ammo is an object type that is used by guns and gun-like weapons. All ammo is weightless in the original Fallout 3.

Ammo Dialog

  • ID: Object name
  • Name: Display name
  • Short name: Abreviated name in the HUD where space is tight.
  • Value: The monetary value in bottlecaps.
  • Speed: Unused.
  • Clip rounds: The number of rounds of ammo the object contains when placed in the world. Using the "Count" value on a placed reference of the ammo overrides this number and uses the count instead.
  • Ignores Normal Weapon Resistance: No longer used.
  • Quest Item: Can not be dropped from inventory. It can still be used up by a weapon though.
  • Playable: Shows up in a container or actor's inventory. Allows the player to use it and see it in his inventory.
  • Inventory Image: The DDS file for the icon image in the inventory.
  • Message Icon: The DDS file for the icon image in messages.
  • Model: The NIF file for the 3D object in the world.
  • Add Destruction Data: See Destructible Object Data.

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas introduces additional functionality to ammunition, including allowing users to choose between multiple ammunition types for weapons. A Weapon specifies which ammo types are acceptable by using a form list.

In addition to the settings listed above, the following settings are introduced into the Ammo dialog in the Vegas Edition of the GECK.

  • Weight: The weight in pounds of a single round of ammunition. Up to four digits of decimal precision are allowed by the editor. This value is only relevant in Hardcore mode.
  • Projectile: The projectile used when this ammunition is selected, overriding the normal projectile of the weapon. If left blank, the default projectile type for the weapon is used instead.
  • # Proj per Shot: If set to zero, the weapon's default projectile count is used. If non-zero, this overrides the number of projectiles produced per shot when this ammo type is loaded. Note that the weapon's damage figure is divided amongst all of the projectiles, so increasing the number of projectiles will reduce damage per projectile, while decreasing the number of projectiles will increase damage per projectile; higher projectile counts may not be able to bypass Damage Threshold. Note that any value from 1-255 will work but high values may cause lag when the weapon is fired, especially in rapid-fire weapons.
  • Abbrev.: The abbreviated name displayed adjacent to the ammunition counter on the user's HUD in game, to inform the player which ammunition type is being used. Although it will accept several alphanumeric characters, the normal HUD only has room for 3 to 4 letters to display without overlapping other elements.
  • Impact Script: The script which is run on an Actor which is hit by a projectile shot by a weapon using this ammunition. This script is run before any Ammo Effects are applied, but after any Object Effects which are applied by the weapon itself. Note that since this script is run on Actors, projectiles fired at inanimate targets will not have their scripts executed.
  • Effects: The list of Ammo Effects associated with this ammo type.
  • Ammo Consumed (Percentage): The object type, and the percentage odds, that will be randomly created in the user's inventory every time the weapon is fired. Used in the default game to collect shell casings for hand-loaded ammunition. The name of this setting is something of a misnomer as it represents items added when the ammo is consumed, not objects that are consumed themselves; the name may simply be vestigial from earlier development.
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