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The ammunition system is versatile and makes a lot of interesting things possible. The following tricks involve using the Ammo field on a Weapon form.

Useful Tricks

  • Lists: Weapons can have a Form List set as their ammo. If a list is chosen, the contents of the list can be loaded into the weapon, and the objects themselves will be fired out of the weapon. This is the same behaviour that you see in the Rock-It Launcher. This in theory enables scripted projectiles to be fired, as Ammo forms cannot take scripts but Misc Items can. *Currently untested*
  • Thrown Weapons: Ammunition cannot be selected for thrown weapons in the GECK, but can be set using Fallout 3 Edit. Each shot of the weapon will use up one of the ammunition in addition to using up one copy of the weapon with each shot. A thrown weapon can be given a list of ammo.
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