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Link to TES4 Construction Set Wiki: Magic Effect

Base Effects Dialog

  • Name: The name of the effect.
  • Effect Archetype: An effect must be based on one of the following archetypes:
  • Assoc. Item: Many of they archetypes have an associated item. For example, Value Modifier uses the associated item to define which value it's modifying.
  • Resist value: The type of resistance used for this effect.

List of Existing Archetypes:

There is a list of all currently existing base effects on the left side of the window, sortable by Editor ID and Name. Right-click on this list to create a New effect, Duplicate an existing effect, or Delete an existing effect.

Archetype Assoc. Item Description
Bound Item Yes Calls an associated Armor or Weapon item.
Chameleon No
Cure Addiction No
Cure Disease No
Cure Paralysis No
Cure Poison No
Dispel No
Light No
Lock No
Open No
Paralysis No
Script Yes Runs a specified script
Summon Creature Yes Calls upon an associated creature or summonable NPC
Value Modifier Yes Modifies an associated actor value


  • Hostile: Effect is treated as an attack. Only effects checked as Hostile can be resisted.
  • Detrimental: Effect is applied as a negative to the Damage pool for the actor value.
  • Recover: When the effect expires, the attribute return to their previous state.
  • FX Persist: If checked, the visual effect on the target persists for the entire duration. Otherwise it only plays once.
  • No Hit Effect: No visual effect is played on the target of this effect.
  • No Death Dispel:
  • Self: Effect can be cast on the caster.
  • Touch: Effect can be cast on touch.
  • Target: Effect can be cast at range.
  • No Duration: The effect is instantaneous. The Duration field is not available for objects with this effect.
  • No Magnitude: The effect is "all or nothing." The Magnitude field is not available for objects with this effect.
  • No Area: The Area field is not available for objects with this effect.
  • Use Skill: Allows the editor to display the skill pull down to associate a skill with that use of the effect.
  • Use Attribute: Allows the editor to display the attribute pull down to associate an attribute with that use of the effect.
  • Painless: Disabled the hit effects and pain vocalization for Hostile effects (used primarily for radiation).


The sound associated with this effect. Only one sound will play if there is more than one effect in the spell.

  • Effect Sound: The sound played at the caster when he initiates the spell.
  • Bolt Sound: The sound that travels with the effect object as it moves through the world.
  • Hit Sound: The sound played when the effect hits a target.
  • Area Sound:

Visual Effects

NOTE: If an object has multiple effects, only the visual effects for the most expensive effect is played.

  • Effects NIF: The file name of the graphic effect played on the caster.
  • Effect shader: Shader used on spell target.
  • Object Display Effect: The effect played on the item if the effect is an object effect on a weapon or piece of armor.
  • Projectile type: The shape of the projectile for target effects.
  • Projectile speed: A multiplier of the base speed for the projectile.
  • Light: The light object that is carried with the projectile as it moves through the world.


Brief summary of the effect.

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