BodyPartData Dialog

Body parts are identified in Actor Data -> Body Part Data.

  • ID: Object form ID. A unique name to identify the object form.
  • Skeleton Model: Name file for the model whose parts are descibed by this object.
  • Ragdoll Data: A drop-down list of all the Ragdoll IDs associated with the Body Part Data. Which Ragdolls are associated are assigned in the Ragdoll Dialog.
  • Part Data: Right-click or double-click an existing item in this window to bring up the BodyPart window.
    • Part Name: Display name of the part.
    • Part Type: The assigned type of body part.
    • Node Name: The specific bone (node) that the body part is attached to.
    • VATS Target: The bone (node) that is used by VATS to identify this part.
    • Damage Mult: The damage multiplier used for damage done to this body part.
    • Health Percent: The percentage of the actor's total health at which that body part becomes crippled.
    • Hit Chance: The base percentage change to hit this body part target in VATS.
    • Actor Value: The actor value that will be affected when this body part is reduced to zero.
    • Flags: Mark body part as severable or explosive, enable headtracking, etc.
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