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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, many coming from the Official Bethesda GECK Forums.

This page is under construction as it gets added to following the release of the GECK on 2008-12-12.

Short FAQs should be answered here on this page, while more lengthy tutorial-type FAQs should get their own page.

Short Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are there no Modding Tools for consoles?
  1. This has to do with licenses and restrictions by the makers of the consoles.
  • How do I dupe an item in the Object Window? or How do I create a new item similar to an existing one?
  1. Double-click on an item that is similar to the one you want to create, then change the Editor ID in the first text field. Click OK, then when asked if you want to create a new Form, click Yes.

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