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Perks are abilities received by players as they gain levels and play through the game. Or, instead of receiving a new Perk, the player may add a rank to an existing Perk, thereby increasing its effectiveness (if that Perk had more than one allowable rank).

Perk Dialog

  • ID: The label used to identify this object type. It must be unique among all IDs, forms and references.
  • Name: The display name for this perk.
  • Perk Icon: The name of the file that contains the perk icon graphic.
  • Trait: Unused. A check box that identifies this Perk as a Trait instead of a standard perk. A trait is selected at the time of character creation. A perk is selected during level advancement.
  • Playable: A check box that identifies (when checked) that the perk can be chosen by the player when leveling up.
  • Hidden: The perk does not show up in the user interface.
  • Level: The minimum player level where this perk becomes available.
  • Num Ranks: The total number of ranks available for this perk. Usually three, although there are perks that have only one rank.
  • Perk Descripton: The full, display description of the perk.
  • Conditions: Sets the conditions necessary to make this perk available. Usually these are actor value S.P.E.C.I.A.L. conditions.
  • Perk Entries: Each line describes the variations of the perk at different ranks. Double click on a line to edit it.
    • Rank: Number rank. Lower ranks are granted first.
    • Priority: Used to control order of operations when two perk entries affect the same values.
    • Type: Either quest, ability, or Entry Point. See Perk Entry for more information.
    • Data 1-4: Each Entry Point may have a number of parameters associated with it. These show up in the Data 1 - Data 4 fields. What the parameters are depends entirely on which Entry Point is selected.

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