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Link to TES4 Construction Set Wiki: World Spaces

World Spaces Dialog

A world space is simply an entire world, with its own landscape, sky and weather. All exterior cells belong to a worldspace -- in Oblivion, most of the exterior is in the Tamriel worldspace, but there are many more worldspaces used in the game, and adding a new worldspace is relatively simple.

Worldspaces can share landscape with a Parent worldspace (for example, all the city worldspaces in Oblivion have Tamriel as a parent), or they can use an entirely different landscape (for example, all the Oblivion Gate worldspaces).

  • Name: Editor ID of the worldspace
  • Parent Worldspace: If you select NONE, the worldspace will have its own, editable landscape. Otherwise, this worldspace will use the landscape of its parent.

Sharable Data - The following fields are only available if this worldspace has no Parent.

  • Use LOD Data: If checked, LOD Data is enabled for World Space
    • LOD Water Height: Elevation that LOD water appears
    • LOD Water Type: Editor ID of water type
  • Use Image Space Data: If checked, specified IS data will be enabled for World Space
    • Image Space:
  • Use Water Data: If checked, specified IS data will be enabled for World Space
    • Water: Select the Water Type used in this worldspace.
  • Use Climate Data: If checked, specified climate data will be enabled for World Space
    • Climate: Select the Climate for this worldspace.
  • Use Land Data: If checked, land data will be enabled for World Space
    • Default Land Height: Specifies land elevation value
    • Default Water Height: Specifies default water elevation value

Use Map Data: If you want a custom world map, select the DDS file here.

  • Map Image:
  • Usable Dimensions: Set the limits of the playable area of the worldspace (NW corner to SE corner).
  • Cell Coordinates:

World Map Offset Data

  • Cell X Offset:
  • Cell Y Offset:
  • World Map Scale:

  • Canopy Shadow:
  • Can't Fast Travel From Here: No Fast Travel from this worldspace
  • Can't Wait: No waiting in this worldspace
  • No LOD Water: Disable LOD water (for worldspaces where there is no water or where the view is restricted)
  • Small World: Mark this as a small worldspace (speeds up certain processing for small worldspaces)
  • Music: Default music type used in this worldspace
  • Encounter Zone:
  • Output Cell Ref Counts:

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