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Link to TES4 Construction Set Wiki: EquipItem.

A function included in the GECK version


EquipItem forces an actor to equip an item.


[ActorRefID].EquipItem ObjectID:ref NoUnequipFlag:int{0, 1} HideEquipMessage:int{0, 1}


Player.EquipItem HuntingRifle 0 1


  • If NoUnequipFlag = 1, actor (including the player) will be unable to unequip the item. Once the item is unequipped with the UnequipItem function, the item can be equipped and unequipped as normal.
  • If HideEquipMessage = 1, the item equipped message will be hidden from the player.
  • In the case that the player has multiples of the specified item, it would appear that the item of lowest condition is the one equipped. If EquipItem is called on the same actor and in the same frame as AddItem or AddItemHealthPercent, however, the last item added is equipped instead.

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