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Explosion Dialog

  • ID: Unique identifier for this form.
  • Name: Display name.
  • Force: The push of the blast.
  • Damage: The amount of damage that can be received if standing within the blast radius.
  • Radius: This is the radius of the area of influence of the explosion; any rigid body within this radius is pushed, and any reference within it may be damaged.
  • IS Radius: Radius of the area that will see the ImageSpace effect.
  • Always Uses World Orientation: Whether the blast will be aligned with the ground.
  • Ignore LOS Check: Sets the explosion to ignore a line-of-site check to the target.
  • Push Explosion Source Ref Only: Select this to have the explosion's force only affect the object itself. Used in destruction data.
  • Ignore Imagespace Swap: Overrides close proximity explosion optimization (which removes the blinding flash from explosions).
  • Radiation:
    • RAD Level: Amount of RADs per second.
    • Radius: Size of radiation effect.
    • Dissipation Time: Duration of radiation effect.
  • Art File: Name of the file that contains the special effect graphic.
  • Light: Editor ID of the light used by explosion. Currently unsupported.
  • Enchantment: Object Effect that gets applied to explosion.
  • Sound 1: Sound effect played during explosion.
  • Sound 2: Second sound effect played during explosion.
  • IS Mod: The ImageSpace Modifier that plays when explosion occurs.
  • Impact Data Set: Sets up the effect the explosion has on its impact with different materials as the blast radiates outward.
  • Sound Level: Sets the volume of the explosion for detection purposes.
  • Knock Down Living Actors: If checked, blast will knock down actors without necessarily killing them. If unchecked, actors that are not killed by the blast will remain standing.

New in 1.5:

  • Placed Impact Object: Object placed at the point of the explosion.


  • An explosion's orientation if "Always uses world orientation" is not checked depends on the type of projectile that created it. A beam will create an explosion normal to the surface it hits, a missile will create an explosion at right angles to its angle of incidence.
  • RefIDs assigned to explosions will be marked for deletion once the explosion has run its course.
  • Placed Impact Objects with scripts behave oddly. Their scripts will run but they will not return values for GetSelf.
  • Placed Impact Objects will spawn 2 of the selected item if the explosion does not have a mesh. If you want an explosion with no visuals, use meshes\effects\fxnullexplosionart.nif to avoid this issue.
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