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FireWeapon fires a projectile from any specified reference.


ref.FireWeapon weapon_ID


Turret01REF.FireWeapon WeapGrenadeFrag

Object named Turret01 will fire a Frag Grenade.


  • The fired projectile should spawn in the middle of the ref and go straight out in the direction the ref is pointing, UNLESS it has a dummy node called "ProjectileNode" (the name is dependent on the weapon's data in the editor but "ProjectileNode" is the default). If the ref has such a node the projectile will come out of it instead.
  • If called on the player, and the player's currently-equipped weapon uses ammo, fireweapon will expend one shot's worth. FireWeapon will also use the spread of any equipped weapon instead of the spread of the firing weapon.
  • If the weapon has a critical effect or an enchantment, the enchantment will not take effect.

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