Link to TES4 Construction Set Wiki: ForceFlee.

A function included in the GECK version


Causes the actor to analyze its surroundings for potential threats, and flee if a threat is found.


[ActorRefID].ForceFlee CellID:ref (Optional) ObjectRefID:ref (Optional)


ForceFlee Vault101Exterior 
ForceFlee Vault101Exterior, FFEU57Vault101Marker


  • If called with no parameters, the actor will choose where to flee and will decide when to stop fleeing in the same way that actors normally do. If there is not hostile threat to the actor, he will simply stand still for a few moments and then resume his normal AI package.
  • If called with a CellID, the actor will flee until it reaches the specified cell.
  • If called with a ObjectRefID, the actor will flee until it reaches the specified reference (in this case CellID will be ignored, although a valid cell is still required for the script to compile).
  • A useful side effect of this function is that calling it with no parameters on an actor who is engaged in conversation will immediately end the conversation, causing both participants to resume their normal packages.
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