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The FormList object is a list of other forms (base objects). Other objects can use these lists for a variety of purposes. The most common is a list of objects that can be used to repair an object.

FormList Dialog

  • ID: Unique identifier for this form list.
  • Type: Type of object.
  • EditorID: The ID of the form.

Note: Form list are required when using Armor Add-ons.


  • If using a form list in a condition that runs continuously (such as on an Ability Game Effect), it may be useful to optimize the list, by sorting the most frequently check items to the top of the list. If the list has 60 forms in it, and the forms usually checked for are at the bottom of the list, the game has to check every entry above those forms every time the condition runs. In most cases, though, this effect will be minimal.
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