GECK Keyboard Mapping


The GECK Keyboard Mapping is used when working in the Render Window. If you are editing the NavMesh, see the NavMesh Keyboard Mapping.

The GECK supports user-defined hotkey mapping. These bindings can be modified from the main toolbar via Edit>Render Window Hotkeys. This page is intended as a quick reference to the default key bindings.

Function Key Notes New?
Freeze Camera 3 Toggle frustum, used to preview occlusion culling NEW
Top View T Top view of selection extents
Fly Cam ~ mouselook view in Render Window
Orthographic View 0 Render view with no vanishing point NEW
Clear Selection D select none
Clone Selection CTRL+D Duplicate selected object(s)
Drop Selection F Push select object(s) to ground
Move References CTRL+M Fully cut and paste references w/exact IDs NEW
Raise Selection G Move selected object(s) up one unit NEW
Create Multibound Ref CTRL+B NEW
Drop Camera Z+C
Group Static Refs CTRL+G Create a Static Collection from Selection NEW
Open Texture Use Dialog I (Landscape Mode ONLY)
Paste CTRL+V
Paste in Place CTRL+SHIFT+V Paste to same world coordinates as original data
Portal Mode CTRL+P Must have One Roombound Selected. NEW
Rename Sound Files CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+R
Save Local Map Snapshot P Saves to Game\Data\Textures\Maps\ NEW
Scale Selection S
Search & Replace CTRL+F
Toggle Batch Operation Dialog - Batch Assignment
Toggle Lighting A
Toggle Vertex Shading E (Landscape Mode ONLY)
Hide Landscape SHIFT+L Toggle View of Heightmap
Toggle Light radii L Toggle wireframe view of Light actor radius
Toggle Grid Snap Q
Toggle Rotation Snap CTRL+Q
Toggle Markers M Toggle view of Marker Data Objects
Landscape Mode H Toggle Landscape Editing Mode
Toggle Reference Snap SHIFT+Q Hold & Double-Click to select new snap reference NEW
Toggle Wireframe View W
Toggle Cell Borders B
Show/Hide Selected 1 Toggle transparent/view/hide of selected objects F5 Restores NEW
Move an object Right click + drag
Rotate an object Hold right click + Drag
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