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==See Also==
==See Also==
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A function added by the JIP NVSE Plugin.


Returns the value of a numeric trait (determined by traitID) of the specified Grass form.


(traitValue:float) GetGrassTraitNumeric grass:ref traitID:int{0-9}

Grass Numeric Trait IDs

0	Density
1	Min. Slope
2	Max. Slope
3	Units from Water Amount
4	Units from Water Type (see below)
5	Position Range
6	Height Range
7	Color Range
8	Wave Period
9	Flags Bitmask (see below)

Units from Water Types:

0	Above - At Least
1	Above - At Most
2	Below - At Least
3	Below - At Most
4	Either - At Least
5	Either - At Most
6	Either - At Most Above
7	Either - At Most Below


1	Vertex Lighting
2	Uniform Scaling
4	Fit to Slope


set fPosRange to GetGrassTraitNumeric GrassWasteland01 5

Will return the Position Range of GrassWasteland01.

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