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A function added by the JIP NVSE Plugin.


Returns the value of the specified property (determined by valueID) in the NiMaterialProperty of the specified Nif Block of the calling object reference.


(propValue:float) reference.GetMaterialPropertyValue nifBlockName:string valueID:int{0-8}

Material Property Value IDs

0	Specular Color - Red
1	Specular Color - Green
2	Specular Color - Blue
3	Emissive Color - Red
4	Emissive Color - Green
5	Emissive Color - Blue
6	Glossiness
7	Alpha
8	Emit Mult.


set fAlpha to NAFBTunnelDoorRef.GetMaterialPropertyValue "TrackPanelRight01:13" 7

This will return the Alpha value of the NiMaterialProperty, of the "TrackPanelRight01:13" block, in the Nif used by NAFBTunnelDoorRef.

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