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Quick definitions of important words and concepts, alphabetically.

DDS File

  • DDS, short for Direct Draw Surface, is the file format used by Fallout 3 to store textures and images. A free .dds editor is Paint.NET, and plugins are available for most image editing programs.


  • The EditorID of an object is the name used in the GECK to identify the object when working with it, and can be used in scripts.


  • The FormID of an object is the unique numerical identifier for that object, in hexadecimal. This is the 'short version' used by the engine while the game is running.

NIF File

  • NIF, short for Net Immerse File, is the file format used by Fallout 3 to store models, also known as meshes. NIF files can be worked with using NifSkope and NifTools.
  • Note - The NIF files used in Fallout 3 are a different format than those used in Oblivion.
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