How to name your Mod


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Naming Your Mod

A name for your mod is one of the most important things that a good modder must be able to do. A name for your mod:

  • Should tell a person downloading the file something about it
  • Should be catchy/memorable
  • Must be unique, there is nothing worse than copying someone else's name.

Setting the Author Name

Another thing you should do before publishing your mod is change the author name from DEFAULT so that everyone knows who created it.
If a modder releases a mod that the community really enjoys then future mods will already have an audience. However if they do not know who created the mods, it is impossible to know.
This is done by going to File -> Data... -> In the middle upper region of the Data box you will see Created by. Type the author name here.

Readme Files

Always give your ReadMe file the same name as your mod.
For example, if your mod is named Bob's Toolkit, then give your ReadMe file the same name. Bob's Toolkit - ReadMe. This makes it easy for users to find when browsing through their Data folder.
Inside the ReadMe the minimum information that must be included is the mod's name (Bob's Toolkit), the author's name (Bob), the version number (Version 1.2), and a short description of the mod.
Good quality mods always have very informative ReadMe files packaged with them.


  • Some have reported that adding an author name causes the G.E.C.K. to crash. This does not occur on all systems, so if it does occur on your system, please post details on the Talk Page.
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