Anything an actor can consume is an ingestible, this includes food, chems, and even stealthboys.

Ingestible Dialog

  • Inventory image: Filename for the icon (.dds) shown on the inventory screen.
  • Message icon: Filename for the icon (.dds) that is shown in the HUD alongside a message when an item is added to your inventory.
  • Model: Filename for the 3D art (.NIF) used to display the item in the world.
  • Add Destruction Data: Button that can set up the item's destructible states.
  • Use Sound: Filename for the sound that is played when the potion is taken.
  • Addiction Chance: The risk that taking a chem will make the player character addicted to it. This value is not a raw chance. It's a value folded into a formula that determines a percentage chance. Most chems have a toxic build up effect with the UMON effect. The first few times you take them are safe. Then the chance of addiction begins to climb. This value determines how quickly they climb.
  • Addiction: This is the Actor Effect that the actor will suffer if he becomes addicted.
  • Equip Type: Classifies the potion (food, chem, etc.), and determines how the hotkey will be displayed for it.
  • Effects: The list of Base Effects that the ingestible will apply to the actor.
  • Auto-Calculate: Unused.
  • Potion Value: The base market value of the chem. Note that the FOSE function GetValue will not return a value for Ingestibles, as it specifies the value in a separate location.
  • Quest Item: If checked, any attempt to tamper with this object in the GECK will produce a warning message. Additionally, the object cannot be removed from the player's inventory.
  • Food Item: If checked, NPCs will consume this item as part of Eat Packages. In Fallout: New Vegas only, the magnitude of the item's effects will scale based on the player's Survival skill.
  • Medicine: If checked, the benefit of positive Value Modifier effects (any effect not flagged as Hostile) will be increased proportional to the consuming actor's Medicine skill.[verification needed]


Only Base Effects with the "Self" checkbox marked may be used in Ingestibles.

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