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ValueMult = fItemConditionValueBase + fItemConditionValueMult * 10^fItemConditionValueExp * (1 - fItemConditionValueBase) * healthPercent^fItemConditionValueExp

healthPercent is the percentage of its maximum health that the item still has. The base value of the item is multiplied by ValueMult to find its current value.

Changing the fItemConditionValueBase only ensures that the ValueMult of an item based on condition varies between fItemConditionValueBase and 1, provided fItemConditionValueBase is between 0 and 1). However, changing the values of fItemConditionValueMult and fItemConditionValueExp can cause the value of an item at full health to exceed its base value or never reach it.

Game settings used in these formulae

Setting Default Description
fItemConditionValueBase 0.0 At zero health the value of an item is given by fItemConditionValueBase * Base Value.
fItemConditionValueMult 0.0316 Controls how much is value is added as the condition improves in a linear fashion.
fItemConditionValueExp 1.5 Controls how much is value is added as the condition improves in an exponential fashion.

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