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*Actors under the effect of [[SetScale]] may remain unaffected by [[KillActor]]
*Actors under the effect of [[SetScale]] may remain unaffected by [[KillActor]]
*[[KillActor]] can be called on dead actors to dismember limbs
==See Also==
==See Also==

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Link to TES4 Construction Set Wiki: Kill.

A function included in the GECK version


KillActor kills the calling actor and takes three optional parameters to set who killed it, which limb to dismember, and the cause of death. See GetCauseofDeath for death values.


Actor.KillActor Killer:ref DismemberLimb:int CauseOfDeath:int 


Actor.Kill Killer:ref DismemberLimb:int CauseOfDeath:int


  • Use some dummy NPC (e.g. CG01DadREF) for Killer param if you don't care who killed him and just want to use the other optional parameters. (Do NOT use player since that will cause "limb crippled" messages to be displayed.)
  • When a Body Part is dismembered, all Severable/Explodable body parts that share its assigned ActorValue will also be dismembered.
  • If a body part is not checked as Explodable, neither it nor any body parts that share its ActorValue will explode when dismembered.
  • Dismember body part Locations [as of 12/12/08]
    • 0 - Torso
    • 1 - Head1
    • 2 - Head2
    • 3 - LeftArm1
    • 4 - LeftArm2
    • 5 - RightArm1
    • 6 - RightArm2
    • 7 - LeftLeg1
    • 8 - LeftLeg2
    • 9 - LeftLeg3
    • 10 - RightLeg1
    • 11 - RightLeg2
    • 12 - RightLeg3
    • 13 - Brain
    • 14 - Weapon
  • Actors under the effect of SetScale may remain unaffected by KillActor
  • KillActor can be called on dead actors to dismember limbs

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