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Light Dialog

  • ID: Unique indentifier for this form.
  • Script: Selects the script for this object.
    • Script edit button: Opens the script for editing.
  • FOV:
  • Falloff Exponent:
  • Radius:
  • Color:
  • Flicker Effect:
  • Flags:
    • Quest Item:
    • Random Anim Start: If checked, this object kicks off its idle animation at a random start time. This is so you can put a couple of the same animated activators in a scene and they won't be animating in synch.
    • Visible When Distant:
    • Obstacle:
  • Model: Displays the model for this object.
    • Edit: Chooses the model for this object.
  • Select TESSound: Sets the sound file for the object.
  • Add Destruction Data: Sets the damage states if an object is destructable.
  • This light can be carried:
    • Can Carry:
    • Off by default:
    • Name: Sets the display name.
    • Inventory image: Filename of texture (.DDS) if light can be carried in inventory. Click Edit to browse.
    • Message icon: Filename of texture (.DDS) used in HUD. Click Edit to browse.
    • Weight:
    • Time:
    • Value:
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