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The Message Properties
A Message can be displayed with the ShowMessage function.


  • Message Box: When checked the message is displayed as a dialog box that pauses the game and waits for a response. Otherwise the message will be briefly displayed at the top left of the screen.
  • Auto-display:


  • ID: The ID of the message.
  • Icon: The image that appears with a non-dialog box message. When "NONE" is selected, glow_message_vaultboy_neutral is displayed as default.
  • Title: The title of the message.
  • Display Time: The number of seconds the message will be displayed. Only applicable when the message box option is unchecked.
  • Message Text: The text displayed on the message. Messages greater than 1023 characters will cause a Crash To Desktop (CTD). You'll need to separate longer messages across multiple Message objects if needed.
  • Menu Buttons: A list of buttons on the message form. Right click to create a new one.
  • Item Text: The text on the selected button.
  • Item Conditions: A list of tests that have to pass for the selected button to show.

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