Mine Settings


These settings control the behavior of mines placed in the game world in the editor of by actors.

Setting Default Description
fMinesAgeMax 0 This setting controls how long placed mines will persist in the game world in seconds. A value of 0 means they will persist indefinitely, while a value of 1 will make the mine vanish into thin air after one second. The timer starts the moment the mine leaves the actors hand. It does not apply to mines that have been placed manually into the world, such as the ones at the town of Minefield.
fMinesDelayMin 0.2 This setting controls the minimum amount of time, in seconds, that must pass before a mine which has detected an actor will detonate. The timer starts once the mine has settled on the ground, not once the mine leaves an actors hand.
fMineExteriorRadiusMult 1.6 This setting controls how close actors need to be to active mines on the ground in order for them to detonate. 0 means the mine will never detect an actor and will never detonate. 1 is normal distance, 2 is twice the normal distance, etc. The "normal distance" is specified as the "Proximity" value of the projectile form for the mine.

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