NX, also known as the 'NVSE Extender' is a plugin for NVSE. It adds a number of functions, and a new extended variable type, usually referred to as 'NX variables', which are persistent across game sessions.

NX Variables

NX variables are stored on any reference, and manipulated via a string key. They may be of type float (EVFl), form (EVFo) or string (EVSt), and a reference may have any number associated with it. Keys for each type must be unique, altough alternative types may share the same key. NX variables are accessible from any loaded mod, and are therefore an excellent way for intermod communication without the need for masters- if a mod references a key that does not exist, the value 0 is simply returned. However, since keys must be unique it is advisable and good compatability etiquette to prefix them with a mod identifier. Keys are case insensitive.

float fMood

SunnyREF.NX_SetEVFl "MyMod:Mood", 67

let fMood := SunnyREF.NX_GetEVFl "MyMod:Mood" ; * returns 67
ref rPet

SunnyREF.NX_SetEVFo "MyMod:Pet", CheyenneREF

let rPet := SunnyREF.NX_GetEVFo "MyMod:Pet" ; * returns CheyenneREF
string_var role

SunnyREF.NX_SetEVSt "MyMod:Role", "Goodspring's Gecko Hunter"

let role := SunnyREF.NX_GetEVSt "MyMod:Role" ; * returns above


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