This block will be run once when the scripted object is removed from the container's inventory. If no parameter is used, the block will be run whenever the object is removed from anything's inventory.


 begin OnDrop ContainerRefID 


 begin OnDrop 
 begin OnDrop player 


  • Other than it's name suggests, this Blocktype does not only run when the calling object is dropped to the ground but whenever the object it is removed from an inventory. It is, however, not called if the scripted object no longer exists. This includes objects removed using the RemoveItem function. This subject is discussed in more detail in the TES4 Construction Set Wiki Talk:OnDrop.
  • If you need to know whether the object is dropped to the ground, you need additional tests.
if the object isn't within a container - if GetContainer == 0
or if the object is near the player after he dropped it - if Getdistance Player < 64
or if the player was in inventory mode when he dropped it - if MenuMode == 1002

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