A function included in the GECK version


Controls the Pipboy radio. Can switch it on or off and tune into a specific radio station.


PipBoyRadio Command:string{0,1,Tune} RadioStation:ObjectReferenceID 


PRAD Command:string{0,1,Tune} RadioStation:ObjectReferenceID


Tune in to Galaxy News Radio:

PipboyRadio tune RadioGalaxyNewsRef02

Turn off the radio:

PipboyRadio 0

Turn on the radio to the last played station:

PipboyRadio 1

Turn on the radio to Radio New Vegas:

PipboyRadio 1 RNVTARef


  • The radio station is specified by passing a reference to the talking activator that broadcasts the radio station.
  • If the radio station is disabled or out of range, it cannot be selected using "tune".
  • Tuning in to a specific radio station with "Tune" only works if the Pipboy radio is currently active. If it is not active, the station will not change, and PipboyRadio 1 will start playing the last radio station the player was listening to, not the one specified by "Tune".
  • If no station is specified when using pipboyradio 1 it will cause a bug where one incorrect song will be played before returning to the last played stations correct audio. This also applies when using the tune function after pipboyradio 1, so make sure to always specify a station when using pipboyradio 1.
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