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A function included in the GECK version


Controls the Pipboy radio. Can switch it on or off and tune into a specific radio station.


PipBoyRadio Command:string{0,1,Tune} RadioStation:ObjectReferenceID


Tune in to Galaxy News Radio:

PipboyRadio tune RadioGalaxyNewsRef02

Turn off the radio:

PipboyRadio 0

Turn on the radio to the last played station:

PipboyRadio 1


  • The radio station is specified by passing a reference to the talking activator that broadcasts the radio station.
  • If the radio station is disabled or out of range, it cannot be selected using "tune".
  • Tuning in to a specific radio station with "Tune" only works if the Pipboy radio is currently active. If it is not active, the station will not change, and PipboyRadio 1 will start playing the last radio station the player was listening to, not the one specified by "Tune".
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