Placeable Water objects can be dragged into the scene wherever water is needed.

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PlaceableWater Dialog

  • ID: Unique indentifier for this form.
  • Model: Path to model. Click Edit button to browse for .NIF file.
  • Type: Editor ID of WaterType object.
  • Reflects: Determines which objects can be reflected in this water object.
  • Refracts: Determines which objects can be refracted in this water object.
  • Flags:
    • Object texture coordinates:
    • Depth:
    • Underwater fog:
    • Silhouette Reflections:
    • Visible When Distant:

A short tutorial on using placeable water in the GECK.

I was having a hard time placeing water in GECK and having it show up. I finally figured out the problem.

  1. Under World/Cells, edit the data for your cell. Make sure your cell has "Has Water" checked. Then choose Default Water in the water drop down. It may already be chosen for you.
  2. Make sure your cell has a Water Noise Texture chosen under the Interior Data tab. These are all things you can play with once you understand the basics.
  3. Build your interior cell as you normally would.
  4. Find the placeable water you would like to use and bring it into your cell using the usual drag and drop method.(Mine was entirely see through but I had the ability to move it like any other static. I placed it in the position that I thought was close to where I wanted it.)
  5. Choose one of your statics that is in close proximity of your water, something that would be refracted by it.
  6. Double click your static that would be refracted by the water and bring up the reference box and click on the "refracted by" tab
  7. Right click in the empty list and select "New" a Choose Reference box will pop up
  8. Click on "Select Reference in Render Window" the red crosshairs should appear.
  9. Hover the crosshairs over your water, they should turn white, and double click
  10. Click okay in the "Choose Reference" window
  11. Click okay in the Reference Window

Part of your water will be visible now.

You must do this for every place this water intersects or would be visible in your cell.


  • Path Testing has shown to produce invalid paths when a connected NavMesh is placed directly above a NavMesh that uses placeable water. To aviod this, ensure any placed water that has a NavNesh within it does not have a connected NavMesh that passes directly over the placeable water. This holds true for both Interior and Exterior cells.
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