Pow When given two numbers will return the value of the first to the power of the second.


 pow x y     will return x^y
 pow x .5  will return the square root of x


 float x
 float y
 float answer
 set x to 2.0
 set y to 5.0
 set answer to pow x y       ;answer will contain 2^5 which is 32.0


  • Sin, cos, tan, pow, log, and abs (particularly pow and log) are extremely slow. Do not use them in script blocks that get executed every frame.
  • This function is new in the GECK, and was not available in the TES4 Construction Set. However, it was available through the OBSE script extender.
  • Pow can be computed using the FOSE function exp. The line
 set result to pow x y

is equivalent to

 set result to log x
 set result to y * result
 set result to exp result

This is likely to be very slow and should not be used in script blocks executed every frame.

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