Allows you to set preferences for various aspects of the editor, mainly having to do with how the Render Window looks and operates.


Reference Movement

  • Movement Speed: The speed at which you move objects around the render area. (Common setting: 5)
  • Snap To Grid: The distance at which an object will move to "snap" to the next position. (Common setting: 32,64,128,etc.)
  • Roation Speed: Speed at which you rotate an object. (Common setting:2)
  • Snap To Angle: Distance of rotation of the object till next snap. (Common setting:45)
  • Snap To Reference:

Camera movement

  • Rotation Speed: Speed of rotation of the camera using Shift+Mouse Look. (Common setting:15)
  • Zoom Speed:
  • Zoom Speed (Othographic):
  • Pan Speed: Speed using Space+Mouse Look. (Common setting:25)

Landscape Movement

  • Sensitivity Multiplier:

Common settings obtained with a 800 DPI mouse.

Render Window

Time of Day: Set time of day to be displayed in the render window either by typing it in to the Display Time box or by clicking and dragging.
View Settings: Click and drag to set the view distance in the render window.
Always Render Window Cell Loads:
Constant Water Update:
Show Memory Usage Frame:
Update M Number for Selected Objects:


Lighting Pass

  • Ambient:
  • Diffuse:
  • Specular:
  • Texture:

Force Multipass:
Tall Grass:


  • # of Lights:
  • # of Passes:
  • Overdraw:

Shadow Casters

  • Actors:
  • Statics and Activators:

Reload Shaders:



  • LOD mult:
  • Fade mult:


  • LOD mult:
  • Fade mult:


  • LOD mult:
  • Fade mult:

Force Full Tree LOD:


Skip Initial Cell Load On Editor Start:
Skip Initial User Plug-In Load:
Auto Save Every __ Minutes:

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