Saves any changes you've made to the current Active file. If you haven't specified an active file in the Data window, you will be prompted for a new filename to save your changes to.

All changes will be saved to a plug-in file (FILENAME.esp) based on the current master file.

Note: Plugin files cannot contain any reserved characters, such as "(" or ")", or when attempting to select them the loader will not recognize them as valid plugins. To remove this error, simply rename the plugin to not contain reserved characters.

Another Note: If you have UltraMon running for dual monitor support you may not be able to save. You will see the error message "You must close all open Dialog Boxes before saving." This is likely because UltraMon adds a small button on the top of every window, next to minimize, that moves a application window to the other monitor. You can probably turn something off in the program settings to stop that, I just exit UltraMon when I'm ready to save, then turn it back on.

Opening UltraMon Options by right clicking the task bar icon and going to the compatibility tab will allow you to turn off the UltraMon buttons for GECK or any other program by editing the list and adding that program to it.

Related: The same can apply if using Nvidia Nview with title bar buttons. Rather than turning off Nview entirely, this option can be turned off for GECK alone easily enough;

  • Right-click the GECK titlebar, or taskbar button
  • On the Nview Options submenu, select Individual Settings>Edit...
  • In the dialog box that comes up, untick Allow title bar buttons.
  • Click OK

You may need to restart GECK for this setting to take effect, but once done you should be able to save again. This procedure is correct for version 258.96 of the Nvidia display drivers.

If using multiple monitors with an ATI video card and you experience this setting, check your video settings for a similar option and disable it for GECK.

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