SetQuestDelay modifies the processing time delay for a script.

By default, quest scripts process every 5 seconds (this is based on an INI setting). This is to prevent the quest scripts from taking up an excessive amount of processor time. Unless you have a good reason, you should leave the quest script processing every 5 seconds.

Good reasons include:

  • The quest script is running a timer which requires precise timing (e.g. for dialogue).
  • The quest script needs to react to something with precise timing (e.g. to trigger different parts of a scene).

Even when you have a good reason, avoid setting the quest delay time to .1, or any other low number, for the duration of a quest. Under almost all circumstances, set the quest delay to a low number for a specific purpose, and when that purpose is finished, set it back to the default.


SetQuestDelay QuestName, DelayTimer 


SetQuestDelay MyQuest .1

Scripts in MyQuest will process every .1 seconds.


  • Setting delay to 0 tells the quest to process at the INI setting default (5 seconds).

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