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SetSPECIALPoints opens the CharGen menu to the Attributes page for distributing SPECIAL points. It sets the total amount of SPECIAL points the player has, adding or subtracting points until the given total is reached.


SetSPECIALPoints [iTotalPoints]


  • iTotalPoints: Total number of SPECIAL points the player will have after leaving the menu


  • Assuming the player initially has 35 SPECIAL points ( 5 in all 7 Attributes ), calling SetSPECIALPoints 40 will allow the player to add (40 - 35) = 5 more SPECIAL points to his character, bringing their total to 40. Calling SetSPECIALPoints 30 will force the player to subtract (35 - 30) = 5 SPECIAL points from his character.
  • Same functionality as the now-defunct ShowChargenMenuParams function.

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