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*[[Derived Skill Settings]]
==== [[Derived Skill Settings]] ====
** fAVDSkillPrimaryBonusMult
* fAVDSkillPrimaryBonusMult
** fAVDSkillLuckBonusMult
* fAVDSkillLuckBonusMult
=== Movement Settings ===
=== Movement Settings ===

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As you can see, there are hundreds of game settings. Some are relatively innocent, such as fSneakSleepBonus, which determines the Sneak bonus an actor gets if the target is sleeping. Others can break the game in a heartbeat. Be very careful with any changes to make to these settings.

Game settings use a naming convention which identifies what kind of data the setting accepts. "f" settings are floats (numbers with decimals), "i" settings are integers (whole numbers) and "s" settings are strings.

Know what a game setting does that isn't explained here? Spread the knowledge by documenting it!

Note to Editors

Please use {{Setting}} on when adding new settings. See the template page for an example.

For groups of settings, please create a Redirect from each setting to the group's page (which should include "XX" to indicate the variable), and use {{SettingGroup}}.

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