Link to TES4 Construction Set Wiki: Static

Static Dialog Window

  • ID: Editor ID.
  • Flags:
    • Quest Item: Check this box if the object is for a quest.
    • Visible When Distant:
    • Has Platform/Language Specific Textures:
    • On Local Map:
    • Has Tree LOD:
    • Obstacle: Check this box if the object is an obstacle. Actors cannot path across obstacles in the Navmesh.
  • Model: The model for the object.
  • NavMesh Generation Import Option: Filter or use the bounding box of a static object for NavMesh generation.
    • Collision Geometry: Generation will use the object’s havok geometry.
    • Bounding Box: During generation the object’s bounding box will be imported instead of their havok geometry.
    • Filter: The object will not be imported or used for generation.
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