Stats Tab - NPC


Contains the Attributes, Skills, and combat values for NPCs.

Leveling Data

  • Level: The stated level for the NPC.
  • Level Mult: If the PC Level Mult box is checked, the Level field is replaced by the Level Mult field. The level of the player is multiplied by this field to determine the level of the NPC.
  • Calc Min: If the PC Level Mult box is checked, this is the minimum calculated level for the NPC.
  • Calc Max: If the PC Level Mult box is checked, this is the maximum calculated level for the NPC.
  • PC Level Mult: If checked, the NPC's level is determined from the player's level, and the Level Mult.

Autocalc Stats:

The Attributes and skills will be automatically calculated if the PC Level Offset is checked. The level and class of the NPC is used to determine the final values. Skills can be altered after the autocalc has been checked, but may be overwritten if it is unchecked and checked again. Attributes may not be changed if Autocalc is checked.

  • Attributes: All seven attributes are displayed and can have a value of 0-10.
  • Skills: All the skills are autocalc'd if the box is checked. They can be changed after being autocalc'd.
  • Speed Mult %: A Speed actor value is used as a multiplier times a standard movement speed. The Player Character would have a Speed of 100%. Faster characters would have a Speed > 100%, slower characters would have speeds between 0 and 100%. Because the animations only synch up with a speed of 100%, this value should generally not be altered.
  • Base Health: Health is calculated with Endurance and level. This value is then added to that result.
  • Fatigue: Not used.

Reported Stats:

  • Calculated Health: Actual health of the NPC after all calculations.
  • Critical Chance: The chance of a critical hit. Generally the same as the NPC's luck.
  • Melee Damage: Not used.
  • Unarmed Damage: How much damage the actor will do with just his fists. Calculated from the Unarmed skill.
  • Poison Resistance: The percentage of poison damage that is ignored. Derived from the NPC's Endurance.
  • Radiation Resistance: The percentage of radiation damage that is ignored. Derived from the NPC's Endurance.
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