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About the Original Author

Daryl Brigner

Daryl Brigner is a level designer at Bethesda Game Studios. Daryl designed several of the levels in Fallout 3 including Super-Duper Mart, Springvale Elementary, and The Capitol Building.

Connecting the Doors

Perhaps the directions were not written clearly enough for this section or maybe I was simply suffering from a lack of sleep, but I had a lot of trouble on this section.

If anyone happens to run into the same trouble with the directions that I did, here's a alternate, speedy method to accomplish the same thing.

1) If you haven't done so already, Load World Space: Wasteland, "Vault101Exterior".

1a) If you have performance problems, hit "a" for lower detail.

2) Proceed to Vault74a's entrance, it should be somewhere around: Wilderness -4, -3

3) Double-click "CaveDoor01", (or whatever door you have as the entrance door from the Wastelands leading into Vault74a).

4) When the reference menu loads, check the "Teleport" radio button.

4a) If the reference menu refuses to load, check to see that it hasn't already been opened, but hiding behind another menu. I've had this happen on several occasions.

This is where the instructions differ from the original

5) Click the drop down box for Cell and choose "Vault74a".

6) Click the drop down box for Reference and choose "CaveDoor01"

6a) If you do not see "CaveDoor01" listed within Vault74a, it means that you have some other form of door leading from Vault74a into the Wastelands, or none at all (perish the thought!) Perhaps you put a "VDoorSlidingRR001" there instead of a CaveDoor?

If everything went well, hit "Ok" and follow the rest of the procedures as normal.

Here's a link to a video that shows the concept in action. The example that I'm linking to is using a custom made room which is connecting to a hatch within Megaton, but the process in using the Reference Menu is still the same. Hope this helps!

--Holmgang 19:56, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

I don't see why you couldn't rewrite that section of the original tutorial with this information. It is a wiki, after all.--Omzy 01:12, 1 August 2009 (UTC)

--darkfox 06:00, 21 March 2011

Hello. I’ve never posted in or edited a wiki before. Hence why I’m here.

I’ve made it this far in this superb and precise tutorial without asking for help and I didn’t want to take up anyone’s time, but to fail now with the plans I have, that’s unthinkable!

1) Firstly my GECK kept getting a strange error when trying to drag in the cave parts (CanyonCavesEntrance03A and the like) from the object window onto the render window. I can’t explain in words what the bug was like, but long story short I had to shut down the GECK and boot it back up. I only had to hope I could drag in at least one piece then duplicate it, then control+f until I had the entrance parts as well as the necessary CliffCanyonL03rad1283 parts. Does this happen to other users? If it does I’d like to suggest using the duplicate method to avoid errors.

2) I found the wording on the “Connecting the doors” portion of this tutorial to be inaccurate. Everything is fine until this paragraph:

“Once you've got "Interiors" selected, load "Vault74a" in the cell list. Locate the cave door we want to connect to the Wasteland. Double-click to open its Reference Properties, check the "Teleport" box, and choose "Select Reference in Render Window", as shown in Fig 2a.”

This suggests that once we find the “out-into-the-wasteland-from-v74-door,” we need to select ITS reference in the render window. But it’s the reference window of the “into-v74-from-the-wasteland-door” that needs to have its reference anchored to the “out-into-the-wasteland-from-v74-door” (otherwise it’s just “referencing itself” so to say.) Hence the necessity of keeping the “into-v74-from-the-wasteland-door” reference window open whilst loading the v74 cell in the first place. Only once this has been done should the modder double click on the “out-into-the-wasteland-from-v74-door” to check the “teleport” option from the reference window. Once that is done, they should then just double-click the yellow teleport marker and be whisked to the exterior to finish this portion of the tutorial. I didn’t want to edit this myself in case I was wrong or missing something completely. I don’t trust myself for this sort of thing.

3) But I can’t escape this next problem. Editing the nevmesh of the exterior. Although I can delete some of the nodes without much problem, if I try to move any of them too much, or if I try to create a triangle, the GECK suddenly and quickly crashes. Argh! And I’m so close to end! :-)

There must be something I’m doing wrong, or a bug I can chase away. I didn’t quite understand that part about the need for “the connecting navmesh aligned.” Some clarification would help me immensely.

But how important is this nevmesh, really? When I checked to see if the teleport actually worked (and to my intense delight it did!) I had Dogmeat with me and he seemed fine. How safe would it be to skip to the last chapter?

The people who made this GECK are geniuses who’ve opened up so many possibilities. I’ve modded RTS but never an FPS and I can hardly contain myself for my plans. So I can’t fail now!

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