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This is a WIP, feedback is appreciated. To retain readability a lot of HTML comments are used, they shouldn't impact the working of the template, but could add to the confusion a bit. Example in the Sandbox.

 CSWikiPage        = name of corresponding page on the TES CS Wiki
 origin            = whether the function came from the GECK itself or was added by FOSE.
                     valid values: GECK1 (GECK 1.1), FOSE0001 (FOSE v0001)
 summary           = description of the function
 name              = the name of the function. The page name is the default value.
 alias         = An abbreviated version of the function name that can be
                     used instead of the long name.
 returnVal         = what the function returns
 returnType        = the type of the returned value. Use void if there is no return value.
 referenceType     = if appropriate, the type of reference that the function may be called
                     on with the dot syntax
 arguments         = List of arguments specified using the Template:FunctionArgument template,
                     or any other wiki syntax.
 example           = optionally, the function used as part of a script to serve as an example
 CategoryList      = the list of categories to which the page belongs


|name = Test
|origin = GECK1
|alias = tst
|summary = Does stuff
|returnType = void
|arguments = {{FunctionArgument
    |Name = Count
    |Type = int
    |Name = Target
    |Type = ref
    |Optional = y


A function included in the GECK version


Does stuff


Test Count:int Target:ref 


tst Count:int Target:ref

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