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Tips and Tricks Thread

The following are user-submitted tips and tricks for the GECK, and were originally taken from the Editor Tips and Tricks forum topic.

Cloning Objects

The "my first vault" tutorial teaches the use of cloning and substituting objects (ctrl-f) to easily create chains of statics.

Here is why...

When objects are dragged into a interior/exterior space they are created in general space on the grid but at fairly irregular grid points. (cant yet see how its governed)

By cloning and substituting objects you can avoid having to zero the new statics. they will already be at your working elevation.

Increased placement speed. Less frustration aligning to the elevation of existing statics. 
-- IrOnTaxi


If you have having problems with seams (ie objects clicking together) turn on snapping, select everything, and move it around, this will make it all snap together
-- Melcid Eater of Tacos on this thread.

Snap To Reference

You can "snap to reference". This essentially tells the snap settings to treat the pivot point of the indicated object as the origin of the world. Therefore, with an appropriate grid settings, any new pieces you bring in will snap to that object.
-- JoelBurgess
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