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Here's some links to help while you edit the wiki - keep it open in a separate tab or window for quick reference. Feel free to add any categories or articles you want to keep on hand.
== General ==
*[[GECK:Tasks]] (the big to-do list)
*[[Help: Wiki Editing Style Guide]] & [[Help: Wiki Editing Syntax Guide]]
*[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Contents/Editing_Wikipedia Editing Wikipedia]
*[[:Category:Standardized Snippets]]
**Use this page to test out wiki code
*[[:Category:Articles Needing Attention]]
== Templates ==
*[[:Category: Structural Templates| Structural Templates]]
**[[:Template: Bc|<nowiki>{{Bc}}</nowiki>]] Create a breadcrumb trail
**[[:Template: Break|<nowiki>{{Break}}</nowiki>]] Prevents floated objects from flowing past it
**[[:Template: Forums|<nowiki>{{Forums}}</nowiki>]] Places a link to the {{Forums|Official GECK Forums}}
*[[:Category: Article Tags| Article Tags]]
**[[:Template: Afd|<nowiki>{{Afd}}</nowiki>]] Marks an article for deletion after review by administrators.
**[[:Template: Error|<nowiki>{{Error}}</nowiki>]] Page contains errors
**[[:Template: Incomplete|<nowiki>{{Incomplete}}</nowiki>]] Article is incomplete
**[[:Template: Merge|<nowiki>{{Merge|article to merge with}}</nowiki>]] Suggest that the article is merged.
**[[:Template: Missing|<nowiki>{{Missing}}</nowiki>]] Article or specific question is about something missing on the Wiki
**[[:Template: MoveToPage|<nowiki>{{MoveToPage}}</nowiki>]] Category should be a regular article.
== Scripting ==
*[[:Category:Function Info Templates]]

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