UseWeapon (Function)


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UseWeapon Has an actor use its weapon. It is called on a Reference and takes a whopping nine parameters, though the last five are optional:

  • the weapon
  • where to stand
  • the target
  • how many times to use the weapon
  • whether to crouch when reloading [optional, default is true]
  • whether to hold fire when blocked [optional, default is true]
  • whether to automagically hit the target [for scripted forced kills; optional, default is false]
  • whether to prevent all damage [for scripted protracted fake combat; otpional, default is false]
  • where the target needs to stand [optional, default/NULL means "anywhere"]


[ActorREF.]UseWeapon WeapontoUse WhereToStand WhatToShoot ShotsToFire [CrouchToReload] [HoldFire] [AlwaysHit] [DoNoDamage] [TargetShouldBeHere] 

(Despite these parameter names implying ranged weapons, UseWeapon can be used with melee weapons too.)


BuddyRef.UseWeapon  Pistol12  BuddyRef  HollyRef  5  0 0 0 0 XMarkerRef047

So Buddy would draw his pistol (or grab one if one was nearby), and from his own current location he would fire at HollyRef five times -- but only while she is near XMarkerRef047.


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