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My First Vault Tutorial Series

(Q comment: this would get transcluded into the Getting Started page).

This series of task-oriented tutorials will walk you through every workflow step involved with creating a new level and adding it to Fallout 3. Example plugins are included to compare your work against at the end of each tutorial.

Good luck, and be sure to offer your thoughts and suggestions on the discussion pages.

My First Vault Tutorial Series Example Files
1) Setting up the GECK
2) Layout and Using Kits Example Layout Plugin
3) Cluttering and the Object Palette Example Clutter Plugin
4) Navmesh Example Navmesh Plugin
5) Population: Monsters and NPCs Example Enemies Plugin
6) Population: Traps & More Example Traps Plugin
7) Lighting and FX Example Lighting Plugin
8) Optimizing your level Example Optimization Plugin
9) Connecting your level to the world Example Finalization Plugin
10) Creating a basic quest Example Quest Plugin
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