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I want a mod for Fallout 3

what,i want a mod for fallout 3 this sucks. i dont know how to get a mod but i hope i find out.

Hi Aidan2001, welcome to the GECK Wiki. As you may have noticed, I've marked the page you created for deletion and moved what you wrote here. This is your talk page, where you can write about pretty much whatever you want, but we frown upon making new pages or editing existing articles for content that doesn't add to the wiki.

If you have questions about certain articles, those articles' talk pages are good places to ask, but for questions like this you'll generally find the Forums more useful. If you do ask a question on a talk page, please sign it with ~~~~ so we can easily tell who asked the question and when it was asked.

When it comes to finding mods, I recommend you look on 3 Nexus, where the majority of mods available for Fallout 3 are hosted. There are an incredible number to choose from, so I recommend you start by looking at the "top" lists, and the archives of the "File of The Month" competition.
Cipscis 22:46, 28 March 2011 (UTC)
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