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GECK for New Vegas will not run

You got fathte than U did I can not event get the GECK for the Fallout NV to work because of a dll file missing. When you guys help him tell me what I have to do.

Hello Blairricky75, welcome to the wiki. I noticed that you posted a question on Tfranich's user page, and I've copied your question from there to your user talk page, as talk pages are generally more suited to discussion like this. It would help if you could sign any posts you make on talk pages like this one with ~~~~, so we can see who made the post and when it was made. Also please refrain from editing user pages other than your own - if you want to send a message to another user, their user talk page is generally the best place.

If the GECK refuses to run because of a missing dll, the problem is usually that you have installed the GECK in the wrong directory. Make sure that the GECK is installed in the same directory as Fallout: New Vegas.
Cipscis 20:51, 30 March 2011 (UTC)
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