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GECK Version

just wondering if the geck for Fallout 3 works for New Vegas because ther was a link on their site and the down load said that it was for Fallout 3 and i havent found anything for New Vegas.

Hi Ezric,
Both the Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas versions of the GECK (each game uses a different version) can be downloaded from the official website - GECK download page

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Cipscis 21:59, 5 April 2011 (UTC)

GECK Will Not Run

i am now haveing an issue with the downloaded geck. when i try to run it it gives mean error message saying that it cant run because the file (libvorisfile.dll) is missing. i tryed repairing it by reinstaling it but it didnt work. if any 1 has any idea how to help i would be greatful. (plz add on to this message because i dont know wher to look on this site)

I've moved the above comment here, to your talk page, as this is generally where discussion is done.

The missing DLL error usually signifies that the GECK has been installed in the wrong location. In order to run, the GECK requires certain files that come with Fallout 3 or New Vegas, so it needs to be installed into the same directory as the game.
Cipscis 21:59, 5 April 2011 (UTC)

newly created ammo doesnt work

i tryed makeing some ammo for a moded antimaerial rifle im makeing called the 50mm Canon F.O.G and the ammo i made doesnt load into the gun. i understand this has something to do withthe form list fuction or something like that but i can find it..... or i dont know what it is. any help would b great and a walkthrew on it would b even better.

                   Posted by Ezric at 6:50 4/5/2001

void in display and missing terain in the geck

im haveing an issue with missing terain in the geck when i load a world area. in the render window wher i should see ground ther isnt any, only a void with watter. ther are still rocks and areas of raidation but not much else. when i try to scroll over to terrain that i can see the squared void follows and blocks out everything.

                 posted by Ezric at 12:43 4/11/2011
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