Changes I think should be added to the tutorial

I reacently learnt the bare basics of GECK via the videos and the website. And there was a few points I think should be adressed. Also this is from the point of view of some one who is... not exactly a compotent programer (Im usless at this sort of stuff).

  • On the first Layout video the it is advised to the user to duplicate the cell without any explination of how to do so. I guessed ctr+d which is right but was not stated previously.
  • Both on the video and website tutorial only mentioned how to make a hallway but not a room. I was a little confused and it took me awhile to find the apropriate cell.

Well thats just some problems I thought should be adressed. I hope you understand that these points are wrriten from the point of view of some one who is not a confident programer. Which to be honest kind of makes my username ironic.

Hope this helps.

Welcome to the Wiki, that certainly helps! Feedback like this is encouraged, it makes it possible to improve the Wiki.
We can't make any changes to the videos, but the tutorials on the Wiki are here for that precise purpose; to be changed! Your point of view is just as helpful as the point of view of someone who knows the GECK better than his backpocket. The Wiki is here for everyone. If there's something you don't understand, or of which you think that it should be clarified, don't hesitate to make a note on the talk page. Or make the changes yourself! See Help:Editing, Help:Wiki Editing Style Guide and Help:Wiki Editing Syntax Guide if you're interested in that. Be bold, if you make any mistakes we'll clean it up.
I recommend you place feedback on the appropriate talk pages from now on. Most editors don't have time to keep an eye on all changes, so feedback on your talk page is easily missed (and that's a waste!). In this case you would place it on the discussion page of the tutorial you refer to. An editor can respond there and make changes to the tutorial if (s)he feels that's necessary.
In this particular case I think the tutorial didn't explain how to make a room on purpose. I believe its aim is to encourage users to fiddle with the GECK. It instructs the basics and assumes the user can figure out the rest on their own (which was true in your case). If you feel strongly that the tutorial should be more detailed feel free to make your point at the tutorial's talk page.
If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or place a question on my talk page anytime.
--Qazaaq 22:38, 24 October 2009 (UTC)
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