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Ok there are some tools you are gonna have to download inorder to get some idea of importing your own music into Fallout3. I have spent the whole weekend researching "HOW TO DO IT"' I still aint got no where but the tools now. I feel like the caveman with 2 rocks but no fire. But I will share what I do know. Thanks to Crow he seems to know how to do it and Im alil slow so good luck at digging and I will share more as I get it.

Link to Crow's Tutorials

The link's totally cool, if it's a good one, but please do try to make it fit into the page better. Maintaining a neutral and authoritative tone is important for the Wiki's professionalism and consistency. I've edited it for you. If you need help editing the Wiki, I strongly recommend the Help section, it has a number of good tutorials for you.

That said, it's better to have your contributions than not. So thank you for posting the link; it is much easier for me to format it correctly than for me to find the link myself. So thanks.
DragoonWraith · talk · 20:53, 8 September 2009 (UTC)

Ok I will try to make it more professional

Crow Dialogue Tutorials

A. Please put messages to other users in their Talk page, not their own User Page. That page is their personal space, and it is generally considered rude to edit it (honest mistakes notwithstanding).

B. To indent a paragraph, precede it with a colon (:). Starting a paragraph with a space puts it in a code box, which is bad for formatting for a number of reasons. Please use that only for actual code.

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Not doing those things isn't a big deal for a newbie, just trying to help you out with the rules and conventions and things.

Anyway, as to your question: I honestly am not heavily involved in the GECK Wiki. I mostly work on the TES CS Wiki for Oblivion. My suggestion would be to find the page regarding Dialogue, and add a link to it in the See Also section (create said section if necessary). Base it on what I did for the Radio Station page - use asterisks (*'s) to make a list, and format the external link using [single brackets], with the form [ Name of the Link]. The Wiki Editing Syntax Guide has some more and better examples, if you need.
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